So, about Warframe by…Panic Button??!

So, before about talking about what I saw at the Japan Expo, let’s talk about this shock I got after going back: Panic Button and DE decided to reveal the major port for the Switch! While I was away! How dare they? xD

So the game is Warframe, a Destiny-like F2P with some pinch of Diablo and already played by 38 milion people! I heard of it about 2 weeks ago so I wasn’t like « Warframe what? » but still…I must admit I didn’t expect this major port to be this game at all!

I’m also surprised to see the game already has an eShop page in the French eShop while games such as TWEWY, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Pokémon Let’s Go and Smash Bros Ultimate don’t have one yet. Does that mean the game will release this year? We got no release date but that seems perfectly possible, we know Panic button is working on several Switch games at the same time.

Now, my personal opinion about this is pretty positive:

-I’m glad it’s not a Bethesda game. Not that I hate Bethesda or else (I’m grateful to see them on Switch) but I wanted Panic Button to try something else, another kind of challengz, a different genre and not just FPS games.

-Warframe is a popular F2P and after Fortnite and Paladins it’s clear that there’s a real potential for this game on the Switch, it’s quickly becoming THE console to have to get the best online experience and that’s a massive argument for people.

-Warframe started as a relatively poor game years ago but updated and improved so much over the years that’s a very complete game with so much to do, in terms of quality it’s a unique and very valuable game that Panic Button game brings to the Switch. It could not have the hype factor of a DOOM or Wolfenstein 2 but it’s undeniably a game that will bring more revenues that these 2, a bit like Rocket League but unlike Rocket League this one is technically ambitious and the PS4 had some trouble making it run a while ago so it’s a definitely a challenge but one that will bring the money and new players toward the Switch, it’s clearly a game that will benefit from portability. And to show how the game looks like in 2018 (and in 60FPS) this is what you can expect to see:





And a review of the 2018 version of Warframe:

It’s a very ambitious game, and I’m fairly excited to see what it’s gonna look like on Switch when the development’s over, the 1st trailer is already promising.

So don’t think it’s less ambitious than DOOM or Wolfenstein 2 because it’s clearly more ambitious because it’s not just visually’s also more open than these 2 games. On a personal level I think a sci-fi title 3rd person view party shooter is more appealing than an FPS so I’m glad it’s not Metro Exodus or something like that.

And don’t forget; Panic buttons has several Switch ports ongoing so there are many things to discover. I wonder if Panic Button is ever gonna port a Japanese game?








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